W1209 Digital Thermostat


Best for Do it your Self  Projects .
Peltier cooler using 12706.
DIY Incubator .   

W1209 is easy to use low Cost digital thermostat controller with wide application in everyday life .This is Digital controller reliable and accurate .Comes with multiple mode.any one can use with this simple user manual.Only three switches to set all function with led digital display works with 12 volt adapter Built in Relay can Switch both AC/DC (Ac 240 5Amp or DC 14 volt 10 Amp)

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   Quick User guide  for  set  up with W1209

Press and hold ” SET ” Button to enter Menu
P0  C/ H C
P1 Backlash set 0.1 15 2
P2  Upper limit 110 110
P3  Lower limit -50 -50
P4 Correction -7.0 ~ 7.0 0
P5 Delay Start Time 0-10 mins 0
P6  High Temperature Alarm 0-110 OFF
PRESS and Hold both  “+” “-“ Reset to Default Value.

        Display Real time Temperature

Digital Thermostat  Always shows the current temperature in its LED digital Display. if any button input it will wait
for  5  second then comes to default temperature  in (degree “o C” )display mode.

       Setting Up Required Temperature for Application

Step 1  Press “SET” Button  now Display Start  Blinking .
Step  2 Press “+” or “-”  Button to required on display .please note each press changes temperature value by 0.1
release the button when required  temperature show on display .wait for 2 second it will automatically stored in
memory . after that display start showing current temperature.

    Setting multiple mode (P0 to P6)

pres and hold”SET” Button more than 5 second will show  “P0” then using “+” “-” Buttons select from P0 to P6 Press       “SET”  again to enter required parameter.Then using “+” “-”  change parameter  values

   Setting  P0 Cooling or Heating

     if set “C ” Relay will Energize when sett temperature reached .best for cooling in air condition system .
if set to “H” Relay will de energize when sett temperature reached .this for heating control application .

  Setting P1 Hysteresis Value

This is for protect relay and device under control  for condition we can set margin temperature that is we can set like ”   2oC” to set      temperature 24  then relay will wait  for margin temperature to change relay status .for example when  temperate drift from 24 to 22 rely still energized protecting from continuous trig erring and hence protect the device.relay change its status only when temperature change is more than ” 2oC” (here margin temperature) value.

   Setting Max Trig Temperature  Value P2

safety value  that protect trig temperature within a set limit  if operator try to increase value more than limit system keep that in set limit defined by P2 Value.  this will protect with the  limit then protect entire system  from any high temperature setting from operator  or other users changes  .

Setting Min Trig Temperature    Value P3

safety value  that protect trig temperature within a set limit  if operator try to decrease value more than limit system  keep that in set limit defined by P3 Value.  this will protect with the  limit then protect entire system  from any Low temperature setting from operator  or other users changes .

Setting Temperature Adjustments with Long Sensor wire  P4

Parameter P4 is used for  Sensor Temperature calibration for sensor cable length  Calibration using “+””-” buttons

Setting P5 Trigger Delay Parameter

This is the range of i min to max 10 min  delay time can set for relay energize when trigger temperature is reached .

Setting High Temperature Alarm P6

When the high temperature detected by sensor  check with high temperature setting relay will switch off also for protection  relay will not re – energize  until the temperature fall below the value set by P6 Parameter .this is high temperature protection for the devices under  control .This setting will protect the entire devices.






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