LM2596 Buck Module


LM2596 DC to DC step down regulator, adjustable +1.5 to 35v dc output, 2A. Best for for battery
operated DIY projects requiring a regulated power supply.

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Type – Switching  Buck Regulator (Step Down Regulator)

Input Voltage – 4v dc to max 40 v dc

Output Voltage – 2v dc to max 35 v dc

Output Current 2 amp (with heat sink 2.5 to 3 amp)

for higher input current and voltage range (more than 2 amp and 20 volt heat sink is required)
Turn clock wise 10 times for 1 volt increase  counter clock wise 1 volt decrease .

Device built in Protection Thermal  over load and Short circuit Protection .

it is recommended to provide a 5408 type diode  for  reverse polarity protection  for the module .

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Weight 1 g
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm


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